Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

circle of life

i've been through  really2 hard time this week, sooo hard, make me feel like im on the bottom of the circle, yes maybe that day i was in the bottom, but now, not anymore, yes we all know that there's an up and down in life, sometime we just sooo happy but in the other hand sometimes we just wanna die, okay not die, but yaa kinda frustated (we're teenage, labil, remember?) yes, i have some problem in my life, with my feelings, fake friend, and some bi*ch. sorry i never mean to be rude w/ saying that word in my blog, but i dont know how or what word could describe her better than "bitch" word hahahahaah 
i remember i wake up in the morning and feeling lost, and end up crying and just lock my self in my room, not speaking w/ anyone. just lay and crying, i remember that iam so fragile and could cry anytime, and i also remember that i feel sooo angry so emotional, yes i do, but i USED to, used to :) 
thank god i have such a greatloving family, they support me. esspecially my mom, she give me everything i want, everything. make me alilbit surprise, i remember she wake me up and say "do u wanna buy some shoes ? lets buy it" and "go buy a purse for you,u need the new one" and blablabla my dad, sissy,brother, oooh they mean the world to me. oh dont forget my best, my real best, their support also help me through that day.
but now that sadfrustadedpathetic day is over, i feel sooo bleesed free happy and the important thing is i learn something, i cant trust anyone
sometime i get so angry, soooo angry, yknow, itrust her ! i trsssst her. but whtshedidtome? why? how dare she is ! oh im not gonna say it here. calm ikha calm, yes, iam a lady, not a bitch like her, so i should watch my attitude, stay calm and just let kaarma do something to her. iam sorry, but i whising the worst thing :OOO what would u say? how dare i am ? idcare. and now, im living my life in peace :3 :

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