Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

a full day of happines

so i'm turning eighteen yesterday. june 29th. same day with my best's birthday prima.
thanks for all the wishes, and i got some surprises from my friends. 1st, from ica,ovi,xndy and ica's bf. they come to my bedroom when i'm asleep, damn. thank god they didn't take a picture of me while i'm sleeping. thankyou guuyyss, we took some picture and chat, then right after they going back, i heard someone calling my name, and when i go out, i saw rafki, so suprise, i never expect he'll come to my house on my birthday but then i saw my soul okta and debby with ajco donnut on their hand singing 'happy birthday' for me, and there's alen also. i'm so happyyyyy, then we go inside and waiting for those boys to come in, alen got some trouble with his car, after a hour rafki ask me to bring him a drink, so i went outside and guess whooo, okhyyyyyy kyaaa with agung,meme,ibal & ayang. i'm sooooo happy when i saw okhy, he stand in front of me with a cake, he says happy birthday and ask me tu blew the candle,oh i just remember, i didn't wish anything before.. next we ate the cake and take some pictures, then okhy gave me a flower, how sweet.. honestly that was the 1st time i get a real one, yea okhy gave me one on my 16 birthday but that one was fake. so i'm so exited hahaha and it smell really good. he just do not let me breath, then he pull out a small box, and yes there's a ring inside it, and ask me if i wanna be his gf again >.<  its the real ring, omg, i'm so surprised, he used to gave me a ring in our 1st anniversary, but that was the fake ring, but now he gave me the real one. thankyou honey {}. then we just talk and laugh and take picture of course, we laugh a lot . thats why i love him. everytime i'm with him, he always make me laugh. and all the boys are sooo silly. haha but then he crack an egg on my head, damn.
 then we just talk and laugh and more laugh. and maybe at 6.30 they ask me to went to the road and take a picture of all of us. and okhy gave me a white envelope, and ask me to read it later. then, again, more egg and water for me -______- make my envelope getting dry, blame rafki for that grr. we took more picture and then they going home.
what a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. what a surprise,i never know okhy could be so romantic and sweet .. thankyou so much my dear and my friends, i love youuuuuuuu

np: sorry there's no picture on this post, it still on my bb and i cant find my usb

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