Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012


hello, so many things going on this week, my mood was just like a roller coaster, up and down, because of thisfckinperiodbut most of the time in the worst condition, i aint tell you guys about what happened, sorry guys. and assignment  yes. i'm an art student but don't ever think that all we have to do is drawing and drawing and drawing, most of you maybe would say "oh that easy, all you have to do is drawing right" you wrong my dear buddy, yes there's a drawing class, but it is so difficult, at least for me, that fcking perspective thingy, reconstruction, not allowed to use ruler and eraser, and blablabla , i just finished a drawing class this afternoon,  my head will explode soon i guess. but yes i'm trying my best.. oh and color theory, first, i thought it would be fun, you know, playing with colors, but then once again, i'm wrong. yaaa but i love what i'm doing, and today in the color theory class i drew a girl in colorful way, and i drew more of it in drawing class. so addicting you know, maybe i'll make it as an project, like a colorful girl project kind of thing, oh damn so exited. i'll post it soon, no picture for this post guys,

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