Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

hi, its gonna be an untitled post. writing all of the thought which has been flying around my head for last couple hours. okay. its still a long long way road to walk by. i mean, my life. i'm turning 19 last month (oh i hate the fact that next year i'm turning 20) and with this kind of brain which always worried and over-think everything become more complicated than it should be. like the thing that i already saw it coming but not happened yet but still making me down when its happened. maybe i need to make a big poster with the "you're young, you still got much time to grow and learn things" but hey what if i die young?-here you go the pessimistic side of me is taking control again-  but that might be happen okay, cory just leave us in a couple days ago. it could be be next or you. but i'm still nothing hmm, sometimes i realized that feelings are temporary. but for the bad one, its still drowned me to the deepest  (cielah) on the other side i know that it wont last forever. i ain't gonna be sad my whole life. buttttttttt (there's always the 'but' ugh) when the sun still not rising i'll be sit there in the dark. pathetic.

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