Rabu, 02 Oktober 2013

commision work: experience as a cover designer and layouter

Hai. I just had some coffe and  now i cant sleep. No. I’m not a coffe person but i need something to wake me up. theres so many college assignment to work on but i’m feeling so so so sleepy this afternoon. Then i grab a coffe but the effect is still there till now. now here i am have a morning meeting tomorrow and still up. But whatever, complaining doesnt make things better, so let me makes this sleepless night has some benefit with writing something here. To think. Let me be a wise person for one night haha

 I decided to look back, remembering things which happen in the past few weeks. makes me feel relieve. I survive and could get through those hectic mental and physically tiring days. So last holiday i had this project designing some books for a language course. And it was my first time. And i’m still 19yo and have no experience. Okay i do have some but its not as big as this project.  I sign my first contract, have my first meeting with client and got payed. Sounds cool i know, seeing my name as a designer for the first time. but its aint easy guys. Aint easy at all.... 

I’m the youngest on the team.  The others might be 30yo or more. Makes me so nervous at first. There was a day when i wake up and cry cause the works is unfinished and i feeling so exhausted. I got home late, feeling really really tired. Even if i dont have to go to the office everyday.  Those sleepless nights. Theres a lot of “thinking time” on my way home. I learned a lot from strangers. Those nice people who helping me. Its unrelated but i pay more attention on things around me. When i saw people i started to think “they look fine but we never know what they get trough at that moment”. Because others might see me fine too but i’m not at that moment. Did you get what i’m saying? Haha i’m sorry if i’m started to talk nonsense maybe the effect of the coffe is getting low now.

 Thankyou for loving people around me for supporting me and saying i can do it. Thankyou for those who i could lean on and accompany me during this project till i’m done at midnight.
But now, I have my name printed on the books. That feeling. The perks of being a designer is we got fee, apriciation and that satisfied and proud feeling when we see our design on publics media. Its just priceless. Everything is worth it now. Ya like what people say. Nothing worth comes easy.thank god. Thank you for every person in the team who teach me a lot.  I learned how to comunicate with client And now with this experience, I’m ready for my next project. Ah and the college assignment too!

The moral value :
If you had a problem, stop running from it. Just face whatever in front of you.  All problems are made to be solve. There’s always a way. We could do more than we thought we could. But we never know until we try and before we realized its already gone. And we survived. Take it as a good thing, when you on your lowest it means that god will bring you to the highest soon.

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  1. Wahh.. You're so lucky. You have your first client meeting at 19 years old. I had it when I was 27 :p. Btw would you like to follow each other? I already followed yours.