Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

lesson learned.

when you grow up you'll know yourself better, you know your flaws and appreciate it, embrace it. you recognize your ability and trying to evolve. improving skills. when you grow up your priority isnt based on "things-you-want-most" it becomes "things-that-need-to-be-done-first". you'll learn to be more patience.
you started to notice you'll become wiser than ever, you started to make less drama with your life. figure out what you're gonna do for your life, your future. started to learn how to manage money not only wasting it.
you'll learned that you cant trust anyone, not everyone who's hangin out with you is your friend. some people are only pretending. i learned that on the hard way. you'll started to aim high and trying hard to achieve it. so people would recognize you. and become something in this society. when you sad, its not just a sad time, you analize it.why and what to do to make yourself better and you finnaly understand some quote that you heard back then as a child. you know that when there's something bad happend it means good thing will come soon. cause thats life. balance.

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  2. wah Ika, terima kasih sudah memposting quote ini, pagi ini saya bersemangat kembali. Izin share ya :)

    1. wah, sama sama yaa, senang sekali bisa membantu :)