Senin, 10 Februari 2014

how much you could tolerate

so i had a final exam this morning and still got some assignment to be done today but i have this thought and i wanna share it here. bear with me and my random thought okay. maybe you'll agree. 
well, everyone have an issues, its true. everyone have their bags to carry, its up to you whether you want to help them to carry those bags or just leave them right there, there's this things that bothers me since last night. all of those what if thought. full of doubts.
maybe you should pick the bags you wanna help to carry that worth cause its really heavy. or maybe if you carry it together it wont be that heavy. or maybe you have your own bags too of course and it become double if you also carrying others. there must be someone who already struggling carrying their own bag in their left hand but have no problem with  carry yours in the right hand.
its about how much you can tolerate the heaviness.. i don't believe in perfection, so its impossible for someone to not having an issues in their self. but i do saw some people as perfect because i admire them with all of their flaws too. so it is  more like a perception of perfect not the real perfect human being with perfect body soul and mind. there's a plus and minus in everything. so we could click and complete each other. there would be no industry if everyone is perfect. they could do everything on their own, no need ant help. wow even there's a good thing in flaws right, you just need to see the big picture. its cliche but true.
so if nobody is perfect it means no matter what, you're going to carrying bags in the end if you want to get connected to people, and sure you will. just accept it. it wont be that heavy if you dont really think about it. maybe the bags will become smaller each day cause you help them carrying it. or maybe it is still there but you dont see the bags anymore, cause the person that carrying those bags with you is more important.

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