Selasa, 10 Februari 2015


What if he love you. And the feeling is so damn much that make him couldn’t look back at your eyes ? but he doesn’t know that you are desperately falling for him too and want him to look at your eyes and give you attention.

The person who had a crush on you could be the arrogant person in front of you. He know you’re there and seeing you from the corner of his eyes trying to focus at something else but instead he’s watching you. Secretly..

He’s act like he doesn’t care but he does. He wake up everyday hoping to see you that day. Dress up to impress you but still act like he doesn’t care. Waiting for the day that he will see you again every week. Counting every day that left. That’s how desperately he is
He’s just too shy to show it.
He doesn’t want to make it obvious ..

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