Selasa, 26 Januari 2016

cause haters gonna hate

so, i just found out that one of my role model has  a lot of haters out there. who's mocking and talk bad about her. but what interesting is, she's still shining.
she still out there making the most of her life, making money, doing fun project, being productive and all that. 
and what her haters do? just hating her.
she's unique, she's has her own way. maybe that's why she has some who doesn't have the same taste (but also doesn't have anything to do except hating people who doesn't have the same taste with them)
but of course you can't pleased everyone right. 
lesson learned, even when they talked bad about you, it won't matter if you ignore them and keep doing what you do best. haters will hate. but they wont affect you if you don't let them to.

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