Kamis, 12 Mei 2016


I just had some coffee after procrastinating all morning till now its already past 1 pm. And I got LOTS of works to be done. But you know sometimes days like this happen. A lot. Haha (sarcastic laugh)

I’m supposed to look for some images of food for my final project but of course I ended up being on ig. Not stalking others, but checking my own feed. What a …… . okay so I looking trough my feed. I deleted somephotos cause I think It ruin my feed (ya) and  I saw old photos and reminiscing some old memories. then I have this thought.

I am almost 22. This year I’ll reach that number. I feel old. Time does flies huh. Lets called my life as a journey. I look back and realize how much I admire some people when I’m in high school and just seeing them from the distance. Read everything about them. I have no intention of meeting them or to be like them at first because I live in a small town but deep down I always have that dream about living my dream like they did.

I never planned it but I went to college in Jakarta. And the opportunity start coming one by one. Not in a close range of time but somehow its leads me nearer. I remember when I saw Diana rikasari for the first time at sushi tei plaza indonesia. She’s wearing red coca-cola blink blink shirt and I’m wearing a formal top and skirt. Because its an internship interview. And ya in my way home I just cant stop smiling and thinking omg I just have an interview with the person I adore. It’s a big deal for me. And Alhamdulillah I got that internship. I gained a looots of new experience. Seeing a lots new people and everything.

Months later I interviewed Katherine kanardi, ykha amelz, Martha puri and a lot more through email for my college thesis and got to interview kak haqi cahya in person. And I asked them about dreams and stuff. Their stories inspired me a lot and they’re so humbleeeee :”)

Maybe for some people its nothing. They’ll be like “whats so good about that. You’re just seeing them not being like them” but whatever. I’m happy tho.

In this 22 years journey I’ve met some of those people I admire. I’ve got to interview some of my role model. I’ve got to work with some. I’ve have some deep conversation with them about how they started and it’s feels like nothing special when that happening but when I look back to when I started it feels like I’m moving. Just like that my life leads me to them somehow and I learned a lot.

I remember I read or hear the opinion that said the twenties is the crucial age where everything begin. Its almost 2 years already since I passed the 20. I don’t know where my life would lead me to. Where god wants me to end up. Till at some point, i’d love to inspire others too.

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