Sabtu, 03 Juni 2017

Dear, F

There's this really nice guy who came into my life when i'm not expecting any attention from anyone.
but i admit that i feel lonely sometimes. he's a total stranger. i know nothing about this guy. and he lives 
quite far from where i live. but there's something about him that makes me want to know more about him..

Day by day passed and he bring lots of smile and laughter to my face. he gave me attention i never had
for a long time and just like that he suddenly become the person that i want to share every story with.
i trust him already. and he brings back those butterfly in my stomach. i found my self falling for him.
he's a stranger at first but now, he become my favorite man beside my dad and my bro.

Dear you, thank you for coming into my life and loving this average girl with so many flaws.
thank you for making me feels like i'm special. thank you for being there when i need you.
thank you for your effort and willingness to be with me. because i know its not easy.

I wish i could be the shoulder when you need somebody to lean on, a support system.
I wish you to have all the best in life because you deserve it. and the most important thing is, 
i want to make you happy, i want you to be happy :)

I appreciate everything that you did for us and i'll never take you for granted.
if only you could see yourself the way i see you.
you'll understand why i adore you so much :)
i love you.

Your grateful partner.
present & future

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