Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

finnaly, watercolor

finally had a quality time with my sketchbook, its been a long time since the last time i draw something, hm maybe i draw a lot for my college, but i cant draw what i want to, and college isnt all about drawing, its about creating new creation. and its not easy, sometimes its kinda stressing me out. and two days ago after finishing my exam i could go back doing what i wanna do,watercolor, oh my, i've addicted to it since a year ago, someone challenge me to make a painting with water color, first i feel scared, i dont even know how to use brushes, but at the end,i'm in love, and buying some brushes haha. and my internet connection is also off, the only amusement i got is only from painting, i stare at my mirror and draw my own reflection, try to draw some new pose, oh the girl in this pic isnt me, its doesnt look like me at all, but the picture wich i'll post soon are using me as the model, only the poses not the hair and everything. not taking the photos yet. but soon i'll upload it. keep following, xoxo

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