Kamis, 29 November 2012

music, rain, write, and clouds

i love listen to the music. when it rain with the light off and a blanket. when it super hot with calm soft and easy listening kind of music, when I'm sad, with the saddest song i could find,the one which i feel related to, then crying in silent. when I'm happy, sing it out loud with my terrible voice but i don't care because I'm happy. that's why every song has its own memories, because we listen to it based on how we feel, listening to the song i used to like a year ago brings out all the memories with our beloved people, friends, best friend and some special moment.
i love sit in front of my windows when its rain outside, staring to the people below me. enjoying the cold air, and the smell of rain, you know, that 'groundish' smell, just have a quality time with my self, having a deep conversation in my mind.  
i love to write. like what I'm doing right now, i love to picture the moment. i feel like i need to write down everything so i wont forget a single thing. i write cause i know I'd love to read it in the future. i also write to analyze my emotion. to clear my mind. i always gets struggle when it comes to my emotion. 
i love clouds. thats all i can say. i love to see clouds. i could watch it everyday.

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