Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

dear my future self

regretting is useless I know..  but I cant help but feeling that way lately.
i'm 20 now. soon to be 21 in 3 dayss. and I'm still nothing. my grade is good but that's not what I want, really.

dear my future me. my 22 years old me.
how are you ? doing good I hope. you must have already graduated and got that bachelor degree. did you get at least higher than 3,50 ? I hope so. still workin on that. I know gpa doesn't really matter but hey I just want to make my daddy proud of me. and I think that's the way.

did you pass the internship at that company you've been aiming for ? have you win a competition yet ? but the most important thing is, are you happy ? how is it going with your friends?
still writing or not?
remember about your elementary school dreams about being a novelist as your side job?

start sooner. if you reading this whoever you are. start anything you want to pursue. NOW
life wont wait for you. If you keep saying "later" to yourself you'll end up with nothing and regret.
but i'm doing that anyway. hft

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