Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

this to shall pass

everything will be okay. stop worrying too much. time will heal you and everything.
everything is temporary. those feeling will fade away. those bad day will passed.
there's no such things as perfect life. sometimes things doesnt work out,
and it was meant to be that way. it's normal and everyone have this kind of day in their life.

things broken. thats true. but sometimes things were supposed to be broken so that we could
change it with the new one. the better one. there's nothing wrong with that.
you'll figure everything out. you'll understand, you'll get that.

keep your chin up, and walk through it, throw the pebbles away from your path.
it may take sometime but as long as you're not let it get to you and being depressed. you'll be fine.
its hard but no need to rush.

and when the time's come, you'll look back and wonder. why and how could something so little could bother you that much in the past. and realize that you'll become stronger than ever.

just give it a time,
soon, trust me

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